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Our Products
We are one of the leading paints manufacturing companies of north India. We have manufacturing unit in Ghaziabad in NCR, the widest industrial town in UP.
Our performance is anchored today in a variety of institutional and industrial paints and coatings which continue to gain an increasing share of the highly competitive market.
We offer products for wide range of paint applications including Brushing, Roller coating, Spraying, Spinning and Calendar coating.
We produce specialty paints and coatings for metals, plastics, FRP, wood, rubber and glass substrates. We develop and provide paints tailor-made to the customers requirements. Our coatings are environmentally friendly as well as applicator and user friendly.
Products, we market for industry segments like accessories, sanitary fittings, brassware and silverware, door locks & hardware, imitation jewellery, rubber sheets, belts & shoe soles, watch dials and accessories, spectacle frames, wood interiors and decorations, writing and musical instruments, bangle (churi) and many more other industries.
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